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Vertrouwenspersoon (Confidential advisor)

If no confidential adviser is present in the organisation, companies can appoint an independent third party as c onfidential adviser within the organisation, whether or not in consultation with the works council. It is advisable to appoint this person “from the outside” so that conflicts of interest, in whatever form, can be prevented.

It is important that the role of confidential adviser is / becomes an (important) part of the company's policy. It is also important that the confidant is known and visible within the organization. He or she must be available by appointment or have a fixed office hour within the organization. What is discussed is strictly confidential and must be treated as such, within the limits set by current legislation in this regard (Privacy Act). The confidential adviser only reports to the management, taking into account the content and nature of the report.

For what kind of complaints or questions can you contact the confidential advisor
• Aggression and violence in the workplace
• Identifying (serious) abuses
• Bullying
• Discrimination
• Sexual harassment / sexual harassment
• Impending conflicts, with or without direct supervisor
• Personal problems
• Personal development, directing your own Career
• Sounding board


Tasks of a confidant
• Listening to complaints or questions
• Offering help or advice
• Offering or searching for an (informal) solution
• Inform the victim about other solutions, such as complaints procedures
• Guiding the employee in subsequent steps
• The referral to possibly. other emergency services
• Supporting management
• Preventing undesirable behavior
• Providing information about the approach to undesirable behavior
• Registering and recording the complaints
• Developing policy and giving solicited and unsolicited advice
• Monitoring and supervising the implementation of the policy regarding (undesirable) behavior
• Evaluating the policy pursued
• The possible adjustment or adjustment of the policy regarding undesirable behavior


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