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Business Model Canvas

Learn to think from value creation

The Business Model Canvas is a powerful tool to map your business model in a transparent and well-arranged manner, to examine it and to make it communicable. This tool has been developed by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur.

With the Business Model Canvas you create a business plan on an A4. You chart your business plan clearly with 9 building blocks. In it you describe your company and, for example, the revenue model, the added value, customers, relations and suppliers. Handy because the world is changing fastand you must be able to respond. With the Business Model Canvas you can quickly generate new scenarios.

What will your idea look like in a business model? Are you also creating value for others with your idea? What does your idea yield? Not only for yourself but also improving communication with others. Making your Business Model Canvas makes it easy to bring out ideas in your head. This makes it easier for others to understand your approach. With the Business Model Canvas you can quickly show how you think you can create value.

Custom training
In a number of training sessions (195 minutes per session) you are taught to think structurelly, forming  a good overview to make your Business Model. Depending on the wishes and desires, the size of the group, objective, etc., we determine the number of sessions. 1 on 1 sessions are also possible and are often accompanied by coaching the practical translation of your plans into a business plan or putting them into practice.

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