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What is Mind Mapping?

Organizing your thoughts and ideas is by converting them into text, image, colour and structure and placing them on paper or a screen in a certain way. Not only do you order that way, you remember subjects much better when you see and draw them. It has to do with activities of your left and right hemisphere. Our left hemisphere is analytical, our right hemisphere is creative, helping you draw and colour. Mind mapping combines the activities of your left and right brain; as a result, increase in return.

What does the training look like? What can you gain as an entrepreneur?

You can easily set priorities in a structure and that is ultimately what it is all about. Your company revolves around the core values and the distinctive character (Value proposition). Working in a Mindmap creates more attention for the customer in order to obtain value optimization from there based on your success factors, personal beliefs, values and norms.

Purpose of the Mindmap training
Because you think and undertake in a structured way, saving you time, you generate more transactions and sales.

Result of the training
Doing business in a structured manner through order in thinking, doing, approach and overview.

Training material: Your own Laptop with Freemind 1.0, free to download.

Dates and location
The training Mindmap is an open training and is given on different dates in various places in the Netherlands.


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