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Discover your personal way of communicating
Communication is a human and social process that has to do with behaviour. A complex process that all too often goes wrong. There is a lot to think, read and say about communication, but where do we learn something about our own personal communication?! As a certified trainer I help you discover your communication style.

Communication scan

To gain a concrete insight into our individual communication, we use a special product: The communication scan of 7LIFE. This scan shows which of the seven communication styles you mainly use. With the scan in hand you can find answers to questions such as:
• What is my preference in terms of communication style?
• How do I look at the world around me?
• Am I open to change?
• When do I get excited or am I touched?
• How do I work together and how do I match with people around me?

• Where do we talk past each other and is there noise?
• Where do we find each other and do we complement each other?


In addition to discovering your communication style, we also look at your learning style and your power of change. The combination of these three elements turns the scan into a personal development document. This way you invest in communication that works for you.










Make a scan
Making a scan is simple. In five steps you have a scan plus a personal feedback:
1. You will receive a link via your email address that you use to log in to an online environment.
2. There is a questionnaire that you can complete at your own pace.
3. After completing the questionnaire, I will contact you to send you your own 7LIFE scan (and to schedule a feedback).
4. Feedback is a personal explanation of your result whereby a link is always made with the field of work.
5. This way you can quickly and easily apply the results of your 7LIFE scan in your own life or in a specific situation.

Read more about the 7 different communication styles below or request a quote right away.


The 7 communication styles

Below you will find a summary of the 7 different communication styles.

You are an optimistic person who always looks on the bright side of life. Not that you dance every day, but you like to look towards the future and instead of talking about problems you focus on solutions. You strongly believe that all things in your life contribute something to your personal growth: valuable life lessons.

You start things. New plans, actions, projects. You also have new ideas that can be very original and especially innovative.With bravery and a strong drive, you do not let others' opinions hold you back. Cannot, does not exist.

You are in balance. You can think deeply and gladly translate that into doing something. Before you do something, you can observe and consider for a long time, but if you do something, it is always successful and strong. In short; you like deliberate action.

You are a people person. You have a big heart for your loved ones and for your environment. You are someone people can turn to, ready with a listening ear and a warm cup of coffee.

You like to think, understand and analyse. Your mind can sometimes be your best friend, because your mind has all the freedom and space you need. You can hunt for knowledge if something really interests you. You can then be tenacious and dig deeper than people around you.

You are a person of overview and control. You like to look towards the future, make a choice and work hard to get to where you want to be. You can make plans, but are not always aware of that. What people see of you is often decisiveness and the need to do things very well. Excelling is a word that suits you, or a term such as raising the bar. You do that for yourself and for others.

You like to do things. No words but deeds. There is enough talk, there are already so many plans ... Now  we get started. I do my job, you do yours and together we can do a lot of work.

Do you want to know more or request a quote? Then please contact us.

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