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Worldcafe is a brainstorming method especially for large groups. The method of the Worldcafe is explained in a plenary section, followed by separation into smaller groups. Each group deals with an issue that is supervised by a host. After a further determined number of minutes, the groups change issues. Each group member goes to a different issue so that there is also variety in the people with whom you treat the issue. The host does not move on. At the end of the day, there will be concrete solutions to problems that can be tackled further.


  • People really start talking to each other

  • Bottom-up thinking is used

  • Everyone is given the opportunity to provide input to management

  • Management gives commitment to work with the input

  • Nice start for long-term change process


WorldCafe capabilities
Example internal

  • Taking stock of what is really going on among the employees

  • Achieve a more transparent organization

  • Come up with ideas for innovative products and services

  • Creating support when the organization wants to grow

Example external

  • How can government, politicians and entrepreneurs come together in a region or municipality to a workable solution in times of crisis?

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