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Affordable services

The possibilities
Within advisory practice I use clear rates for the services. Clear and above all affordable. I strive for the utmost transparency for the structure of service calculations. Do you want to be inspired and make optimal and extra advantageous use of my knowledge and experience, then make use of the advantage of the prepaid strip card, for example.

Vulnerable groups
For some entrepreneurs who are in difficult circumstances, it is impossible to invest in personal development or the development of their company. Based on an analysis there is a chance that the municipality where you live will reimburse my guidance. Ask your neighbourhood team about the possibilities or let me help you find a solution.

Entrepreneurs with growth ambition
There are a number of subsidy options that better compensate the investment for support in growth. For this, vouchers can be requested from various authorities. If you want to discover your options and be helped with the search, call me on telephone number 06 253 628 67.

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