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Who am I

In recent decades I have been able to develop as a balanced and serving person. The search for my destination and calling has changed my interest and passion in the field of work enormously over the years. As a self-employed person I prioritized my business to be more social and socially-impactful. After my pastoral education, I have also increasingly focused on guiding “vulnerable” people in their search for meaning, identity and other life questions. That is why I have officially included Pastoral care in my portfolio within my consultancy practice and apply it professionally. Because of my background as a business trainer and coach, I have mainly provided pastoral care to businessmen, but more and more often I  have received requests for help from private individuals. I have been able to find my way in this and I find that I get a lot of satisfaction out of it.


Others usually describe me as: motivator and inspirer, people-oriented, empathic, helping others and learning to help themselves, analytical and creative thinker, initiator, self-taught, passionate speaker, builder and maintainer of (network) relationships. I am also a passionate runner and I make character trips with personal (business) relations.


Encourage, make others happy and renew them.


Resolving, positive together, warm, passion, authenticity, changes, powerful and Ideas.

As a Business Counsellor (freelancer) I undertake and inspire from my consultancy practice GIC Consultancy and give holistic support to entrepreneurs, managers and employees in the (personal) growth towards better. In practical terms this means: spending help, time and energy on the other person, and sharing my own knowledge, experience, insight, techniques and possibilities. Support in translating (personal) vision into concrete strategies and measurable goals.


Common sense of: advertising and marketing communication strategy, concept development, project management, performance management (development and implementation using Scrum and a wide range of training and coaching sessions) and sales account management.


I am married to Annoeska and have three children (Dominique, Mees and Esmee). In addition, I am a fanatic runner and I make survival / character trips with personal relationships. Exercise is used to stay physically fit and also draw attention to streams of justice in the Netherlands and abroad.

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