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Be distinctive
Keep communication alive! GIC Consultancy & Business Counseling is an advisory practice. As a counselor, I am a discussion and sparring partner for freelancers, SME entrepreneurs and managers. With common sense I support coming up with creative solutions and inspire, train, counsel and advise entrepreneurs, boards of directors and management on a variety of personal, entrepreneurial and management issues. With the goal: life-changing entrepreneurship!

What I'm going for
"Entrepreneurial success" requires fundamental (personal) change and constant adjustment. At every company it's all about valuable customers, driven employees and well-organized business processes. It is my personal dedication to achieve and maintain this value innovation together with my clients in the Netherlands and beyond.

What I stand for
Supporting with motivation, inspiration, insights and knowledge, to break through in personal and business areas. With 24 years of entrepreneurial experience I train and counsel entrepreneurs and leaders in (personal) growth towards better and realizing `success`.

Stanley Neyndorff


Business Counseling

Get and keep people moving

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I am someone who achieves exactly the result that you have in mind

Pastorale Counseling

Pastoral Counseling is a specialized part of pastoral care

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As a consultant I am active in several areas

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