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Levensveranderend Ondernemen (Life-changing Business)

Our destiny is centered on heaven and our calling is here on earth

We believe that there will always be a tension between working for material gain and toiling for "heavenly treasure". The life of Jesus connects these two worlds. Christian entrepreneurs are called to work in this field of tension, while maintaining their integrity to God.

An (entrepreneurial) lifestyle based on the Bible is a radical seed for spiritual change in the marketplace (salt and light). Based on the vision that a company can be seen as a place of worship, I want to help entrepreneurs (both SMEs and freelancers) learn to worship God by using the gifts and talents and the position that you as an entrepreneur got and adopt an attitude of “all we possess we got from God; we share what is already His." Producing genuine disciples within the business world is the heart of the ministry for many entrepreneurs and the key to expanding God's kingdom in this world. Recombining business and ministry means knocking down traditional separation walls and building new strong foundations. It means discipleship for entrepreneurs and new forms for today's mission.

Programma Levensveranderend Ondernemen G


• Central program with 6 meetings and a closing meeting
• Character week (Santiago de Compostella)
• Individual Business Counseling where, in addition to pastoral counseling, you can use your talents to realize your personal plan.


• Intake
• Start day / preparation day for the character week / 7LIFE scan
• The week after character week: a meeting to share about the week and to think about your options as an entrepreneur.
• The entrepreneurial process will start two weeks later


Program components

• Born to fly
• Business Model Canvas
• 12 individual (business / pastoral) counsel conversations


The program consists of several parts spread over 9 months 6 substantive meetings (plenary) including:
• dinner
• meeting and mutual encouragement
• inspiring (bible) study
• interactive training sessions (7LIFE, BMC, Born to fly)


We use methods that could also be used by Jesus. Since Jesus lived to the glory of God, the goals and methods of the program are focused on God's honor.


You will be trained in 7LIFE. Discover your personal way of communicating.

Communication is a human and social process that has to do with behaviour. A complex process that all too often goes wrong. . There is a lot to think, read and say about communication, but where do we learn something about our own personal communication?! 

To gain a concrete insight into our communicationstyle, we use a special product: The communication scan of 7LIFE. This scan shows which of the seven communication style(s) you mainly use. With the scan in hand, you can find answers to questions such as:
• What is my preference in terms of communication style?
• How do I look at the world around me?
• Am I open to change?
• When do I get excited or am I touched?
• How do I work together and how do I match with people around me?
• Where do we talk past each other and is there noise?
• Where do we find each other and do we complement each other?


In addition to discovering your communication style, we also look at your learning style and your power to change. The combination of these three elements turns the scan into a personal development document. This means you invest in communication that works for you.


Geboren om te vliegen (Born to fly)

With the Geboren om te vliegen I help you to find your destination; become the balanced person God intended. For this we use the book Geboren om te vliegen by Henk Stoorvogel and Eugene Poppe.

Boek geboren om te vliegen.jpg

Business Model Canvas

With the help of the Business Model Canvas (BMC) I will help to further set up and lead your company based on vision, authenticity and distinctiveness. It is a powerful tool to map your business model in a transparent and clear manner, to examine it and to make it communicable. With the BMC you can quickly generate new scenarios. Are you also creating value for others with your approach? With the BMC you can quickly show how you think you can create value.

Business, pastoral counseling

Individual counseling is intended to shape your calling within your own company. It helps you to focus on what is really important, to shape the company from your own vision and deepest motives in business operations and to distinguish yourself in business and society in this way. Counseling can also include pastoral counseling so that your well-being and the honor of God are central.

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