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Inspiratiesessie leren zweven als een ar

Leren zweven als een arend (Learn to float like an eagle)

What does entrepreneurship have to do with gliding?

You learn to glide by gliding like an eagle. An eagle can glide for hours by making proper use of thermals. Some eagles master this so well that they only flap their wings a few times an hour and glide alone the rest of the time. The older the eagle the better its flight skills. Similarly, a skilled eagle rarely misses its prey if it outsmarts a field mouse at a speed of up to 300 km. p/h at high altitudes. Isn't it also a feature of entrepreneurs/managers that, for example, they can quickly switch from helicopter view to detail level and back again?

We can approach what an eagle can do with gliding. With only an altimeter in the cockpit and a wind vane on the airplane nose, you have all the instruments that a glider needs. Furthermore, the pilot has to make do with his own knowledge and skills. A well-equipped glider pilot, like the eagle, knows where to find good thermals. His dashboard is no more than 1 altimeter, 1 speedometer, 1 variometer. 1 slip meter, 1 wind vane and his knowledge of clouds and warming of the earth by the sun. Just as it is impossible for a glider to fly with a Boeing dashboard, it is also very difficult for the entrepreneur / manager to properly monitor every indicator in his own organization and the environment. That is why it is strategically important to choose the right performance indicators (dashboard instruments).

To give you explanations, tips and tricks about these and other metaphors, I organize inspiration sessions 'leren zweven al seen arend. You will be provided with tools to do business steadily during constantly changing circumstances. I let you experience the BusinessScorecard tool, which shows where you are now and whether you are on course to where you are going (analyze / simulate predictive behavior).

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