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Zakelijke bijeenkomst


In a pragmatic way, I act as a sounding board and sparring partner who assists the entrepreneur with a clear vision, competencies and an extraordinary amount of experience.

The ultimate mix
Good advice is worth gold. You cannot permit yourself to make the wrong choices and / or to fall into the pitfalls that many entrepreneurs have suffered. At that time it is good to have a sparring partner who knows the tricks of the trade, has the right network and can help make your business a success.

As a consularis I want to make my knowledge and extensive experience useful for the benefit of other entrepreneurs and managers. In the first instance as a sounding board, but also give advice in a broad field. You will find a mix of commissioner, coach and consultant in a consularis. However, unlike a commissioner, a consular is of an informal nature; we have no legal obligations and powers. In addition to being a consultant, I am also the pivot in expanding the strategic network. An extremely valuable social capital for your company.

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